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Cannasseur No-Till Cover 13-Seed Mix (%50 Clover) 1 ounce package

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Clover Product ID: QR1Y2PWXC8NEE
  • 13 different varieties of THE most popular cover crops in the community = balanced bio-diversity
  • Inoculated with Rhizobium; Encourages Mycorrhizal Fungi populations to explode, which literally help deliver nutrients to the roots of the plants
  • Bio-diverse array of cover crop varieties attracts wide variety of beneficial organisms & predators which contribute to soil fertility and humus quality
  • Perfect for Raised Beds and/or No-Till Container Gardening
  • High-Quality, Nitro-Coated, All-Natural Non-GMO Seed Mix, From USA only

This Non-GMO No-Till Seed Mix contains 13 different varieties of THE most popular and beneficial cover crops used in the community including:

Crimson Clover
Yellow Sweet Clover
White Clover
Medium Red Clover
Hairy Vetch
Common Vetch

These nitro-coated seeds are inoculated with Rhizobium to maximize nitrogen fixation. The biodiversity and seed ratios used in this specific mix encourages mycorrhizal fungi populations to explode, attracting beneficial organisms & predators, and ultimately building and improving soil fertility and humus quality. Also, the roots of the cover crops provide aeration/drainage and increase soil life activity with constant interactions between bacteria/fungi and its roots. Perfect for raised beds and container gardening, permaculture gardening, and as living mulch, green manure, or cover crop to fixate nitrogen from the environment and restore the soil with, all while providing food for the soil life when it dies! No-till Gardening is the act of working with nature and its circle of life…

Broadcast ½ Tablespoon to 1 full Tablespoon for every square foot of surface area to start working with nature and harness the CIRCLE OF LIFE!

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