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MP Transfer Pump

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Clover Product ID: 4ERND2VKG9FTJ
UPC: 735255594188

PORTABLE UTILITY PC2 Pump 330 Gallons per Hour. Main material: Aluminum & Steel

MAX WATER LIFT: 39FT, Length of cord: 5.9FT
ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: (1) 6 ft water hose, (1) filter board and (1) Motor brush/Impeller kit
GREAT FOR removing water from aquariums, outdoor ponds and swimming pools, basement water seepage, clogged sinks, flushing water lines, rain barrel. Can also be used for watering lawns or gardens.and in conjunction with a cone tank or to supply water to a pressure washer.
LIGHT WEIGHT and portable this is a self priming pump, connect hoses, plug in and you're ready to go
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